Went and saw the movie a few days ago. I really enjoyed it, not in a Oh my God, this movie has changed my life! kind of way, more in the 92 minutes well spent, I think way. And I don’t mean that sarcastically, I really enjoyed this flick.

Near the end it has a complete turn around, it’s comedy for the entire movie and then there are a few minutes of full, in your face, drama that feels kinda forced. I kept waiting for something funny to happen, and when it does, it’s still funny, but not quite enough to get the taste of pathos (as Sid Plait said so very well) out of my mouth.

All in all, I liked it. (Get used to those kind of reviews, I’m the kind of audience movie studios have wet dreams about, I’ll like almost anything they throw at me. I’m easy like that)

===== Spoilers below this line =====

I’m a guy, and as a guy, I’m supposed to like certain things. Cars and cleavage, for example. Check on the second, not so much on the first. Cars aren’t really my thing. I like to drive but I don’t go all gaga about the new Mercedes Model T or whatever it’s name is.

But cleavage is another story all together. Cleavage has to have its moment in a movie. You don’t show cleavage just because (gets ready to turn in his man-card at the front desk), you have to have a reason. So when Charlize Theron goes to meet Will Smith at his trailer, did she have to wear the sluttiest thing she had in the closet? And with all that eye-liner? I’m not complaining about the outfit itself, I’m just wondering about the timing in the movie. I think they thought “here we have one of the most beautiful women on the planet, we have to show some cleavage!”. Not complaining, just saying that cleavage has to have its moment.


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