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Ab hoc possum videre domun tuum

June 24, 2008

Greetings, everyone!

Nowadays, it seems everyone and their grandma has a blog. Almost all of the people I know have blogs. Almost all of the people I don’t know have blogs. That made me uncomfortable enough that I decided that I too would join in the blogosphere and force my thoughts on everything from nuclear war (bad) to belly button lint (good) on an unsuspecting world.

Why sourman? It’s a play on words that a good friend of mine made with my real name and my passion for everything Lord of the Rings related. Guess my real name and earn a cookie. Extra cookie if you can cite the book the title of this post is from.

But seriously, what will I talk about? Everything and nothing really. Sometimes I get these urges to say something about something that really is important, and sometimes the urges are to talk about stuff that is completely irrelevant. Jump in! 🙂