This is a work in progress, policies will be added as the need comes up, or as I think of them while in the tub.

In alphabetical order, even!


I love books. I just do. I love the feel of a new book, the way the pages make that whoosh sound. I love the feel of the paper and the smell! Don’t get me started on the olfactory wonders that a book can unleash upon your unsuspecting nose!

Having done with the crazy part (I’m sorry, but it’s all true, especially the smell part), what are my policies on books? I read a lot, but mostly science fiction, with some classics thrown in the mix, so those will be the type of books I’ll be reviewing.

I can’t do a review without spoiling the book for you, I don’t have that talent. If I don’t mention certain aspects of the plot, I lack the skill to describe how or why the book is good, bad, or something in between.

This is a fault on my part, I know that, but if you read my book “reviews”, be warned that they will contain spoilers. (Then again, if I tell you that Hamlet dies and you consider that a spoiler, I will track you down and end you, thank you very much.)


As I’ve said before, I’m the kind of audience movie producers have wet dreams about. I’ll go and see almost any kind of movie and actually have something good to say about it, wheter it is the script, the actors’ quality performance, the amazing soundtrack, or even if it is just the incredible quality of the font they used for the credits.

Unlike books, I don’t do spoilers in my “reviews”. I’ll have two sections in a post about a movie, a spoiler free section and a spoiler rich section. This way you can find out what I think about a movie (you want to know what I think? Really?) with your choice of topping: spoiler or no spoiler. This way, everyone is happy.


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